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Redstone Audio

Redstone Audio offers a line of speaker cabinets designed for archtop guitar amplification. This company is owned and operated by engineer/musicians who understand that great jazz guitar tone is both art and science. I am an official endorser! My cabinet is an RS-8 model - great cabinet for jazz guitar, in my opinion.


The Jazz Project

Run by director (and great drummer!) Jud Sherwood, the Jazz Project has been instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing great Pacific Northwest jazz musicians to Bellingham, WA, for feature concerts and a monthly Sunday afternoon show at the Lucia Douglas Gallery in Fairhaven, WA.

Check the website for information on concerts and recordings - I play there at least once a season, and have the honor of doing the artwork for the posters.

Nicholas Hoffman

Nicholas Hoffman is a great jazz guitarist and great friend of mine from Bellingham, WA. Check out his website - fun site, and loaded with information on his recordings (check out "Jazzy's Dance", with Joey DeFrancesco!)

Larry Holloway

Larry Holloway is one of the best bass players I've ever heard, not to mention worked with. On his website you can purchase our duo CD - be looking for the next one, due out soon.

All About Jazz

All About Jazz is a nice website that reviews, lists and promotes jazz musicians - support them!

John Stowell

John Stowell is a unique voice and a dynamite guitarist from Portland, OR. I have the good fortune to play some gigs with him from time to time, as well as being on a nice duo album together, "Live From Lucia Douglas Gallery"

Ed Bennett

Ed Bennett is a great bass player in the Portland, OR area. Anytime you can hear him or play with him - DO IT!

Cool site dedicated to jazz guitar - a favorite subject of mine, for sure!

123 Greetings

Musical e-cards.

Guitar Websites

Links to the best web sites for Guitarists

Jazz Improv Magazine

A great jazz magazine - look for me in the June issue!

Just Jazz Guitar - the online portion of the well-known jazz guitar magazine.

Darren Lyons

NYC drummer and bandleader - his band includes guitarist Chad McLoughlin, who gave me my first jazz lesson, and remains one of my favorite guitarists.

CD Pulse

Another good online CD market - I suggest "Family" by Christopher Woitach!

The Blog Nobody Should Read

Lawyer, writer, and friend for nearly 30 years Stephen Verbit's blog - Opinion and Commentary on American Government, Law, Politics, and Popular Culture. It includes a very nice interview with yours truly. Very well done blog - check it out!

Carlton Jackson's Website

Carlton is one of Portland's greatest drummers - check out his page, and write dirty stuff at his blog... tell him I sent ya!

Folsom Band

Folsom is a Johnny Cash Tribute Band modeled after Johnny’s television show, performing many classic hits from Johnny and his friends.