This is a new Raymond Chandler jazz/classical crossover tribute CD - "Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts)", by Christopher Woitach and the Cathexis Orchestra. It is available on CD Baby at:

 The compositions utilize various techniques including alphabet/pitch substitution, Fibonacci sequence used in various ways, contour agacency series, fugue, canon, and, of course, free improvisation.

 Here are the notes:

 "Dead Men (are heavier than broken hearts)" is a musical tribute to the great detective novelist Raymond Chandler. This is not a "film noir" score, it's a collection of modern jazz compositions by Christopher Woitach about, and using phrases from, Raymond Chandler's books. Included are vocal and instrumental compositions reflecting the many moods of Chandler's writing, played and sung by some of the Pacific Northwest's most creative musicians.

 All compositions by Christopher Woitach, all words by Raymond Chandler


Christopher Woitach - guitar, v-guitar

Greta Matassa - voice

Stephanie Porter - voice

Tom Bergeron - alto saxophone, voice

Keller Coker - trombone, voice

Tim Jensen - flute, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, voice

Dan Schulte - bass

Julian Macdonough - drums